Having installed Whiley, you can run your first program like so:

> wy init
> wy build
> wy run
Hello World

You should see the Whiley source file src/main.whiley is created, along with the wy.toml build file.


There are a number of (small) programs written in Whiley which provide a useful reference:

  • Minesweeper. A web-based implementation of the well-known Minesweeper game. [GitHub]

  • Conway’s Game of Life. A web-based implementation of Conway’s well-known Game of Life. [GitHub]

  • LZ77 Compression / Decompression. [GitHub]

  • Standard Library. This is Whiley’s standard library which (albeit small) is perhaps the best example of Whiley code. [GitHub]


  • Getting Started With Whiley. A tutorial which walks through the basic concepts of Whiley, and provides a rudimentary introduction to verification. [PDF]

  • Whiley Cheat Sheet. A quick overview of the language syntax. [PDF]

  • Introduction to Verification with Whiley. A tutorial which focuses in much more detail on verifying programs in Whiley, and the various challenges and pitfalls. [PDF]

  • Whiley Language Specification. Provides a reasonably comprehensive overview of the language. [PDF]


A few other useful links:

  • Discord Server. There is also a Discord server which are welcome to join!

  • Request for Comments (RFCs). The RFC process mirrors that used by Rust, and provides interesting reading around the history of the language. [GitHub]