Whiley v0.3.25 Released!

Time for another release of the Whiley compiler. This is relatively low key, though includes the first steps towards an improved bytecode API (see #190). There are also a range of bug fixes for various minor issues:

  • Refactoring wyil.lang.Code and wyil.lang.CodeBlock.  In order to support proper nested bytecode blocks, I am refactoring the WyIL bytecode API.  This will allow a Block to nested within another Block.  The main advantage of this is from a usability perspective, as it will eliminate the LoopEnd bytecode which has proven problematic.

  • Fixed bug #352 which was a problem with the verifier.

Recently, I have been making relatively slow progress on the compiler.  This is because I have been distracted writing grant applications and teaching; I’ve also been working on the Whiley Language Specification as well.  Whilst I still have a few more administrative things to sort out, I’m hoping to put more time into the compiler in the near future.  My current goal is to complete a full pass through the wyil module, improving the overall design, refactoring code and adding more documentation. Following this, the next goal is to complete the plugin framework (which I have also been working on already).