Whiley v0.3.24 Released!

Well, it’s time for yet another release of the Whiley compiler.  This one is fairly low key, focusing primarily on bug fixes.  Specifically, these issues have been resolved:

  • #346Temporary Fix for Unsuported Bytecodes in the Verifier.

  • #341Temporary Fix for Verifying Method Types.

  • #338Fix for handling record constants in the Verifier.

  • #345Fix for handling of loop variant variables in the Verifier.

I have also been through the test cases which are currently failing verification, and classified most of them.  In quite a few cases, this resulted in yet more issues being added to GitHub.  An example of an interesting issue I found is the following:

  • #343Problem Verifying Do/While Loops.

Finally, I also made progress towards two current milestones: the plugin system, and nested WyIL bytecode blocks.  As usual, you can get the latest files below.  Furthermore, you can now run Whiley in your browser from here, whilst the Eclipse plugin will be updated in the near future.