Whiley v0.3.20 Released!

Well, this release is about 2 months overdue, but it embodies a lot of work. The main changes are:

  • Bug fixes. I’ve closed around 36 issues, many of which were intricate little bugs.

  • Improved the verifier. Perhaps what has taken most time is the considerable amount of work I’ve into improving the verifier.  This is still ongoing, but certainly things are in a much better shape than before.  This has included completely reworking and documenting the rewrite rules of the verifier itself; also, completely reworking the WyRL rewrite system to: 1) generate more efficient code; 2) enable different heuristics for applying rewrites; 3) to perform some complexity analysis on rewrite rules to identify which should be prioritised.  Supporting this, I’ve written a number of simple initial heuristics, and there is currently one clear winner.  However, a lot more work is needed on this.

Going forward, my objective as before: improve the verifier to pass more tests.