Whiley v0.3.15 Released!

Finally the next release of Whiley is upon us!  There are a few useful improvements in this release.  In particular, compile-time verification of constraints is again functioning and can be enabled with a switch.


  • Improved performance of the Whiley Build System.  In particular, this no longer scans all files reachable from the current directory when looking up names in the NameSpace!

  • Brought back compile-time verification. This remains very sketchy and your mileage will vary.  However, it’s good to have it back!  You can turn compile-time verification on by supplying the following command-line argument: -X verification:enable=true

  • Improved pipeline stage configuration from the command-line.  All pipeline stages can be configured from the pipeline (e.g. verification above), and the mechanism for doing this has been improved.

  • Improved the generated WYIL code in some cases.  The compiler internally generates WYIL files which are then passed through the pipeline.  In some cases, the generated code was unnecessarily poor and that has been tidied up.

  • Fixed numerous bugs.  Too many to count, in fact.