Wyclipse is an Eclipse plugin provides all the tools necessary to compiler and run Whiley programs.  Wyclipse is currently in its infancy, however it is already quite useful.


The easiest way to install Wyclipse is from within Eclipse itself.  From the menu bar in Eclipse, select “Help -> Install New Software”.  Then, you need to add a new update site which, for Wyclipse, is:

Known Issues

At this stage, there a lot of known issues!  More specifically:

  • When a given source file changes, the plugin does not recompile any which depend upon it.  This means no error messages will be reported in Eclipse, when in fact the project may not be fully compiled.  You can always force a file to be recompiled by making some small modification and saving it.
  • Launching Whiley programs doesn’t work in the expected way.  You need to right-click on a Whiley module and select “Run Configurations”.  From there, you can create a “Whiley Application” configuration and run the program.
  • The plugin has a problem compiling programs whose last line contains a single tab.
  • The Whiley Editor has some annoying idiosyncrasies.  For example, it inserts braces and quotes in unexpected places.

Hopefully, in the near future, many of the issues will be resolved!

Developer Resources

A few useful resources for developers: