Whiley Talk at Wellington JUG (VIDEO)

Last month, the Wellington Java User Group was kind enough to invite me to give a talk on Whiley.  The talk is a general introduction to Whiley, including the syntax, some issues related to implementation and inter-operation with Java.  The talk was video and, finally, after some faffing around I’ve uploaded it onto YouTube . . . → Read More: Whiley Talk at Wellington JUG (VIDEO)

What Motivates Us?

Here’s an interesting video that I just came across (adapted from Dan Pink’s talk at the RSA), which is currently doing the rounds: The video is about what motivates people to do things and, in particular, whether or not giving people more money means they do a better job.  Definitely worth a look … . . . → Read More: What Motivates Us?

Short Whiley Demo [VIDEO]

I’ve put together a little demonstration of the Whiley language in use. The demo only covers the basic idea of Whiley and, in particular, demonstrates how the pre- and post-conditions work:

Anyway, this was a bit of fun for a Saturday afternoon. Turns out making videos is harder than I thought . . . → Read More: Short Whiley Demo [VIDEO]

Formal Methods: To the Moon and Back!

I recently came across a rather interesting presentation by Gerard Holzmann (author of the SPIN model checker) who’s currently working for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, and previously worked at Bell Labs:

One of the things he talks about his is a possible moon-landing in 2019, and the software required compared with that of . . . → Read More: Formal Methods: To the Moon and Back!

Dafny: An Automatic Program Verifier for Functional Correctness

So, last week the pl reading group chose to read this paper by Rustan Leino. Ignoring the fact that a number of people in our group are interested in this area, Rustan had recently given a presentation on Dafny here (his slides are here) and this was reason we chose this paper.  Unfortunately, I . . . → Read More: Dafny: An Automatic Program Verifier for Functional Correctness

Software Engineering Disasters [VIDEO]

So, recently I came across a good video which looks at a number of interesting software failures. The video looks at the Ariane-5 explosion, the Patriot missle clock glitch, and more.

. . . → Read More: Software Engineering Disasters [VIDEO]