The Liquid Metal Project

One of the most interesting projects I came across at PLDI/ECOOP in Beijing was the Liquid Metal project being developed at IBM’s TJ Watson Research Center. From the Liquid Metal homepage:

The Liquid Metal project at IBM aims to address the difficulties that programmers face today when developing applications for computers that feature programmable . . . → Read More: The Liquid Metal Project

Flow Typing for References in Whiley

The Whiley language splits into a fully functional “core” and an imperative “outer layer”.  References and objects do not exist within the functional core.  However, they can exist within the imperative outer layer and are necessary for supporting state and other side-effecting computation.  Here’s a simple example:

define Buffer as ref { [int] items . . . → Read More: Flow Typing for References in Whiley

Efficient Value Semantics for Whiley

The latest release of the Whiley compiler (v0.3.12) includes an optimisation for passing compound structures (e.g. lists, sets and records) by value.  This is really important because all compound structures in Whiley have value semantics, meaning they are always passed by value.  In fact, Whiley does not support references or pointers as found in . . . → Read More: Efficient Value Semantics for Whiley