The Whiley Automata Library (WYAUTL)

As part of the upcoming v0.3.10 release of Whiley, I’ve invested considerable effort reimplementing the type system.  This was necessary because, whilst my old implementation generally worked, writing larger programs exposed a lot of issues.  The most interesting aspect of this process is the development of a general-purpose library for representing and manipulating tree . . . → Read More: The Whiley Automata Library (WYAUTL)

Regular Tree Automata

In my quest to understand the theory of recursive types in more detail, the notion of regular tree languages and [[Tree automaton|Tree Automata]] has cropped up.  These have been used, amongst other things, for describing [[XML schema|XML schemas]].  They are also useful for describing recursive types as well!

A nice example of a regular . . . → Read More: Regular Tree Automata