Test to Code Ratio

I’ve just been watching the following talk over on InfoQ: Software Quality — You know it when you see it.  Thanks to Craig over at SoftViz for pointing me to it.  The talk is quite interesting, with the focus being primarily around using innovative visualizations of software to gauge quality.

But, that’s not what . . . → Read More: Test to Code Ratio

Not all Tests are Passing … is that so Bad?

For the Whiley compiler, I currently have over 500 end-end tests and in excess of 15,000 unit tests (most of which were auto-generated and target the type system).  Each end-end test is a short Whiley program that is  categorised as either valid or invalid.  Valid tests also include sample output and are expected to . . . → Read More: Not all Tests are Passing … is that so Bad?

James Bach on Software Testing

I’ve just been watching this YouTube presentation by James Bach:

James has a very tongue-in-cheek style, which I rather like, and he’s obviously not a great fan of the academic establishment:

“Testing is not part of Computer Science.  Computer Science likes to think that testing is part of Computer Science.  But, if you . . . → Read More: James Bach on Software Testing

An Overview of Whiley’s Testing Framework

Testing that the Whiley-to-Java Compiler (wyjc) functions correctly is something of a challenge.  We must, as usual, check that the correct (JVM) code is generated, and that the type checker is accepting/rejecting the right programs.  However, we must also test that the theorem prover wyone is accepting / rejecting the right programs as well.  . . . → Read More: An Overview of Whiley’s Testing Framework