Three Rules for Programming Language Syntax?

I’m always pondering the question: what makes good programming language syntax? One thing occuring to me is that many languages often ignore the [[Human-computer interaction|HCI]] aspect.  For me, it’s a given that the purpose of a programming language is to simplify the programmer’s life, not the other way around.

So, I thought of a . . . → Read More: Three Rules for Programming Language Syntax?

On Object-Oriented Programming

There’s an interesting interview with [[Ralph Johnson]] and [[Joe Armstrong (programming)|Joe Armstrong]] over at QCon.  They’re talking generally about whether OOP has been successful, and reflecting on the last few decades.

A few things from the interview caught my eye.  Ralph talks about a fundamental mistake made by the designers of [[SmallTalk]].  In SmallTalk, . . . → Read More: On Object-Oriented Programming