Disambiguating Ambiguous Syntax?

When designing a programming language, being on the lookout for ambiguous syntax is important. You don’t want to realise down the track that your syntax is ambiguous in some subtle way. This is especially true if it means the compiler can’t decide how to proceed on some important case(s).  But, spotting these problems is . . . → Read More: Disambiguating Ambiguous Syntax?

Field Resolution in Whiley

An interesting issue has arisen as a result of my recent decision to move away from a declared-type model.  The issue is essentially about [[Scope (programming)|scope resolution]] of fields and local variables.   For example, consider the following:

define MyProc as process { int f } void MyProc::m(int x): f = x

Now, m(int) is . . . → Read More: Field Resolution in Whiley