Namespaces in Whiley

With the upcoming v0.3.10 release of Whiley, the way import statements are interpreted has changed in a fairly significant manner.  The primary purpose of this is to give better support for [[Namespace (computer science)|namespaces]]. The following illustrates what’s changed:

import whiley.lang.Math bool check(int x, int y): return max(x,y) == x

Previously, the above code . . . → Read More: Namespaces in Whiley

Indentation Syntax in Whiley

Like Python, Whiley uses indentation syntax instead of curly braces for delimiting blocks.  When I started using indentation syntax with Python, I was pretty skeptical, but  it grew on me fast and now I really like it.  However, this wasn’t the only reason I chose to use indentation syntax in Whiley.  The other is . . . → Read More: Indentation Syntax in Whiley