Rustan on Automatic Program Verification

Yesterday I came across an interesting talk given by Rustan Leino at the University of Edinburgh in 2011.  Rustan takes an interesting look overview over the subject’s history, and then shows several tools in action (including Code Contracts and Dafny): Anyway, Rustan has a long history in program verification now, and was heavily involved . . . → Read More: Rustan on Automatic Program Verification

Exploring The Verification Corner

Recently, I was lucky enough to meet Rustan Leino whilst at a conference in Tallin, Estonia.  The Whiley project owes a lot to Rustan, as much of his work has been the inspiration behind Whiley.  In particular, his PhD thesis introduced the idea of Extended Static Checking and he then worked on the seminal . . . → Read More: Exploring The Verification Corner

Jobs versus Allen

I’ve recently finished Paul Allen’s excellent memoir entitled “Idea Man” and the recent biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. Obviously, I didn’t read them at the same time … but one after there other! But, they were a fascinating read taken together, as they cover some of the same story from . . . → Read More: Jobs versus Allen