My ATtiny85 Games Console

One my goals for Whiley in 2015 is to focus more on embedded systems (see here for more). A recent project of ours was compiling Whiley code to run on a QuadCopter and this identified several challenges here.  In particular, Whiley does not provide good memory management for such resource constrained environments. My plan . . . → Read More: My ATtiny85 Games Console

Building an Arduino Robot (for Testing Whiley)

The Whiley programming language is about developing more reliable software and, of course, embedded systems is one of the biggest areas that could benefit. Obviously, then, we need an “embedded system” to test Whiley with, right?  At least, that’s the thinking behind my recent endeavor to create an Arduino-based Robot.

After some discussion with our workshop . . . → Read More: Building an Arduino Robot (for Testing Whiley)