Building an Arduino Robot (for Testing Whiley)

The Whiley programming language is about developing more reliable software and, of course, embedded systems is one of the biggest areas that could benefit. Obviously, then, we need an “embedded system” to test Whiley with, right?  At least, that’s the thinking behind my recent endeavor to create an Arduino-based Robot.

After some discussion with our workshop . . . → Read More: Building an Arduino Robot (for Testing Whiley)

Comparing I/O in C with Java

Recently, I was having a somewhat heated discussion with a friend about the Java I/O library (specificially*).  His position was that the library is unnecessarily cluttered and verbose, and that  I/O in C is much simpler and more productive.  Whilst I agreed with some of that, I also argued that the Java I/O . . . → Read More: Comparing I/O in C with Java

Java versus C++ Performance

Recently, I came across an interesting discussion of C++ versus Java performance over on Stack Exchange. There was also some good discussion of the article on Reddit which included a link to an interesting article from Google.

Understanding these languages from a performance perspective is important to me, as it impacts the design of . . . → Read More: Java versus C++ Performance