Jobs versus Allen

I’ve recently finished Paul Allen’s excellent memoir entitled “Idea Man” and the recent biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. Obviously, I didn’t read them at the same time … but one after there other! But, they were a fascinating read taken together, as they cover some of the same story from . . . → Read More: Jobs versus Allen

Merchants of Doubt

I’ve just finished reading this book, which I have to say was really good.  The book is about how a handful of rogue scientists deliberately spread disinformation on a range of key issues, including tobacco, acid rain, the ozone hole and climate change.  Their key strategy was to argue the science . . . → Read More: Merchants of Doubt

Got Any Quotes from Coders At Work?

Recently, I finished reading Coders at Work by Peter Seibel.  The book consists of a series of interviews with the following (impressive) list of programmers and computer scientists: [[Jamie Zawinski]], [[Brad Fitzpatrick]], [[Douglas Crockford]], [[Brendan Eich]], [[Josh Bloch]], [[Joes Armstrong (programming)|Joe Armstrong]], [[Simon Peyton-Jones]], [[Peter Norvig]], [[Guy Steele]], [[Dan Ingalls]], [[L Peter Deutsch|Peter Deutsch]], . . . → Read More: Got Any Quotes from Coders At Work?

The Design of Design

I just finished up reading “The Design of Design” by Fred Brookes JR (author of the Mythical Man Month):

This book is a reflection on the design process itself and, in particular, what good designers are made of.  Overall, I feel surprisingly positive about it, and basically enjoyed it.  Reading between . . . → Read More: The Design of Design

Beautiful Code … ?

Recently, I’ve been reading “Beautiful Code” (edited by Andy Oram & Greg Wilson). This is a collection of short papers by academics and professional  software developers which explores the idea of beauty in software:

Beautiful Code!

I was looking forward to this, partly because we’ve just started a new . . . → Read More: Beautiful Code … ?