More Tracked Arduino Fun!

Recently, I’ve been upgrading my tracked arduino robot with a few more sensors. Check out the video:

The robot has two medium range IR sensors (front and back), as well as a downward facing short-range IR sensor. When the front sensor detects something is very close, the robot backs up (provided the back . . . → Read More: More Tracked Arduino Fun!

Building an Arduino Robot (for Testing Whiley)

The Whiley programming language is about developing more reliable software and, of course, embedded systems is one of the biggest areas that could benefit. Obviously, then, we need an “embedded system” to test Whiley with, right?  At least, that’s the thinking behind my recent endeavor to create an Arduino-based Robot.

After some discussion with our workshop . . . → Read More: Building an Arduino Robot (for Testing Whiley)