What Kind of Revert are You?

Reverting is tough.  There’s no doubt about it!  I don’t mean tough as in technically challenging — no, version control systems make this easy!  I mean tough as in mentally challenging.  You’re faced with days or weeks of effort going down the drain, and you have to decide when to pull the plug.  Sure, . . . → Read More: What Kind of Revert are You?

Language Complexity?

Some languages are complex, others are simple … right?  C++ versus just about anything else is a good example here.  But, it begs the question: what makes a language complex?

So, I’ve just been reading Bruce Eckel’s Artima article on Scala.  It’s actually a nice article, and I enjoyed it.  But, one thing bugged . . . → Read More: Language Complexity?

JavaScript Playground

I’ve been doing a bit of JavaScript programming recently, and I came up with the “Creature Playground” (which is primarily aimed at teaching). The full version is here. But, here’s a little taster (click on “Create” a few times):

Oh No!

Your web-browser does not appear to support the HTML 5 Canvas. Sorry, . . . → Read More: JavaScript Playground

One Thing I Really Hate About the JVM

Whilst I think the [[Java Virtual Machine]] is generally speaking a fantastic piece of kit, there is one thing that I really hate about it: I can’t stop threads!!!

Sure, there’s a method called Thread.stop() … but it’s deprecated. There’s even a whole article devoted to why it should be deprecated.

Great.  That’s just . . . → Read More: One Thing I Really Hate About the JVM