The following provides a list of planned release series, and details the main areas that development will focus on in each.

  • v0.2.x. Released initial prototype implementation which demonstrates the main features, including the constraint checking.
  • v0.3.x. Represents a second iteration on the language and compiler design.  This included developing the algorithms necessary for type checking and theorem proving, and providing an example backend code generator for JVM bytecode.
  • v0.4.x. The goal of this release will be to split the compiler into a plugin system with a more well-defined interface between plugins.  Furthermore, to a JavaScript code generator and add support for interactive theorem proving.  Other goals include looking at incremental compilation, and improving error message reporting.
  • v0.5.x. The goal here will be to develop a code generator for native code (e.g. based on LLVM or C), and to improve performance of the JVM backend.  Other goals include implementing the template and macro systems.