Verifying leftPad() in Whiley

The leftPad(string,int) function simply pads a string up to a given size by inserted spaces at the beginning. For example, leftPad(“hello”,8) produces ” hello”. This little function shot to fame in 2016 when a developer pulled all his modules from NPM, of which one provided the leftPad() functionality. There were two basic issues causing . . . → Read More: Verifying leftPad() in Whiley

Whiley v0.4.2. Released!

And, after a long while, another official release of Whiley is here.  This is something of an interim release whilst other things are brewing in the background.  There also some known issues with this release.  The main changes are:

Fully Qualified Names.  The syntax of fully qualified names has changed.  Specifically, :: is used . . . → Read More: Whiley v0.4.2. Released!