Whiley Demo @ Oracle Labs!!

Recently, I gave a demo of Whiley at Oracle Labs in Brisbane which they have kindly put up on YouTube:

The actual demo itself starts around 11:30s, so you might want to skip on to that.

The talk was part of a series of talks I did at various locations across the globe, including Google @ Mountain View + London, Microsoft Research @ Cambridge, Cambridge University, Oxford University, Imperial College, University of Sydney, Macquarie University, Data61, and more. It’s sure been busy, but I had a great time!!

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  • Sidharth

    I loved this presentation! Whiley is definitely mind blowing in a lot of respects!

    One aspect of Whiley which I think you could highlight more is that it compiles down to JVM bytecode. Conceivably that might mean that some critical parts of a JVM project can be implemented in Whiley while the rest can be done in plain Java (am I correct?)

    A suggestion: Can we have tutorial style book for Whiley? The Idris creator for instance recently released a very readable book via Manning. Perhaps you could do the same for Whiley? A non-academic book makes things a little less scary for people outside academia!

    Finally, I think I would love it if you can compare and contrast Whiley with things like Dafny or F*.

  • Hey Sidharth,

    Glad you enjoyed the presentation!!

    You are right in that, in principle, critical parts of a JVM project can be implemented in Whiley. This is something I’m going to work harder on in the very near future. You can see one example already here:

    This implements the minesweeper logic in Whiley, and the GUI in Java Swing.

    Regarding a tutorial style book. Yes, I would like that. I have a copy of the Idris book, actually and I find it very readable. I haven’t quite finished it yet though 🙂

    In principle, I will try to write such a book. But, it’s probably a little way off before I begin this (as it’s a hard project). In the meantime, there is a tutorial PDF here which I think is a good start:

    And, there’s a cheat sheet as well:

    And, the language spec so far:

    But, yeah, a proper O’Reilly book or something would be awesome 🙂

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