Whiley v0.3.28 Released!

The next release of Whiley is already upon us, after only a week or so since the last.  This release consists of a slew of minor bug fixes, many of which have been discovered through students using the system in practice.  The main items are:

  • Problem Generating JVM Bytecode (#415).  This related to compiling functions or methods that used large numbers of local variables (i.e. more than 255).
  • Definite Assignment Checking for Records (#408).  The definite assignment checker was not correctly spotting assignments to uninitialised compound structures (e.g. records).
  • Missing Return Statements (#395).  The compiler was not checking for missing return statements in all cases, which was leading to confusing error messages.
  • General Verifier Bugs (#400, #401, #403, #404, #405, ). There were a range of bugs within the verifier itself which are now fixed.

There are more improvements in the pipeline, particularly related to performance of verification condition generation which is currently a key bottleneck for verification (see #377).  As usual, you can get the latest files here:

Created on August 21, 2014. 737 Downloads, 2.3 MB.
BSD License
Created on August 21, 2014. 562 Downloads, 3.9 MB.
BSD License

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