More Tracked Arduino Fun!

Recently, I’ve been upgrading my tracked arduino robot with a few more sensors. Check out the video:

The robot has two medium range IR sensors (front and back), as well as a downward facing short-range IR sensor. When the front sensor detects something is very close, the robot backs up (provided the back . . . → Read More: More Tracked Arduino Fun!

Thoughts on Parsing Whiley (and Indentation Syntax)

Recently, I have been reworking the Whiley compiler’s parser to make it more robust.  Doing this has opened up some interesting issues, which I thought were worth discussing.  Whiley uses indentation syntax without explicit end-of-statement terminators (e.g. semi-colons) and these things cause some interesting challenges.

Here’s a simple Whiley function to illustrate:

// Return . . . → Read More: Thoughts on Parsing Whiley (and Indentation Syntax)