Whiley v0.3.20 Released!

Well, this release is about 2 months overdue, but it embodies a lot of work. The main changes are:

  1. Bug fixes. I’ve closed around 36 issues, many of which were intricate little bugs.
  2. Improved the verifier. Perhaps what has taken most time is the considerable amount of work I’ve into improving the verifier.  This is still ongoing, but certainly things are in a much better shape than before.  This has included completely reworking and documenting the rewrite rules of the verifier itself; also, completely reworking the WyRL rewrite system to: 1) generate more efficient code; 2) enable different heuristics for applying rewrites; 3) to perform some complexity analysis on rewrite rules to identify which should be prioritised.  Supporting this, I’ve written a number of simple initial heuristics, and there is currently one clear winner.  However, a lot more work is needed on this.

Going forward, my objective as before: improve the verifier to pass more tests.

Created on August 15, 2013. 605 Downloads, 3.6 MB.
BSD License
Created on August 15, 2013. 803 Downloads, 2.2 MB.
BSD License

1 comment to Whiley v0.3.20 Released!

  • Hi. Congratulations on your release. I was wondering if you could make use of the Rosetta Code site: It is a site for language comparison that has been useful to language designers in the past as it has hundreds of tasks solved in many tens of languages. I am a mong-time user and have seen developers find both bugs in language implementations, and seen/fixed omissions in their language after solving some of the tasks.

    R.C. tasks are wide ranging, but tend to be implementable in an evening or weekend. Tasks include sorting – different types of sort and info on sorts that come with the language; tree walking; knapsack problems; image creation; searching; mathematical series; some well known interview-type questions; parsing; …

    The focus is *not* usually on finding how to solve the task, it’s on how it is best solved in your language, for example there is active support for the J language which often gives interesting methods of solution.

    Most tasks are set by users of mainstream language users, and we try and have tasks that are solvable by many languages, but their is, (somewhere), a theorem proving tasks which amongst its solutions by languages that support theorem proving also has a solution in Tcl!

    So, I’d like to invite Whiley language community (if you’re not already contributors 🙂

    – Paddy.

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