Input / Output and the Object-Oriented Paradigm

Today, more then ever before, I/O dominates what software is about.  Of course, it’s always been important but, with increasing bandwidths, I/O seems to be what most programs now spend most of their time doing.  This leads to interesting questions about how, for example, to handle millions and millions of concurrent connections and we . . . → Read More: Input / Output and the Object-Oriented Paradigm

Whiley v0.3.19 Released!

It is with some disappointment that I’ve finally decided to release v0.3.19 despite this being almost 3 months overdue!  The disappointment arises because, despite a lot of valiant effort, verification is still not working very well — and, in fact, is probably worse than the previous release!  However, on the other hand, I have . . . → Read More: Whiley v0.3.19 Released!