Whiley v0.3.16 Released!

Well, after a reasonable wait, the next release of Whiley is finally upon us.  This represents a number of fairly significant changes, all of which  improve the compiler very nicely.

ChangeLog The Whiley Intermediate Language (WYIL) is now a register-based bytecode language, rather than a stack-based one.  This offers a number of nice improvements . . . → Read More: Whiley v0.3.16 Released!

Whiley Interview on VBC 88.3FM

Recently, I was on VBC 88.3FM (Victoria University’s Student Radio) giving a 60s “speed summary” of my research, and generally chatting about some tech stuff.  The station has been interviewing a whole range of people at the university to raise awareness of what research is going on.  Anyhow, I agreed to do the interview which . . . → Read More: Whiley Interview on VBC 88.3FM

The Liquid Metal Project

One of the most interesting projects I came across at PLDI/ECOOP in Beijing was the Liquid Metal project being developed at IBM’s TJ Watson Research Center. From the Liquid Metal homepage:

The Liquid Metal project at IBM aims to address the difficulties that programmers face today when developing applications for computers that feature programmable . . . → Read More: The Liquid Metal Project

Groovy 2.0 uses Flow Typing!

Groovy 2.0 has just been released, and it contains something rather interesting … optional flow typing!  For those who don’t know much about the language, Groovy is a JVM-based dynamically typed language which is similar to Java, but more compact.  And, being dynamically typed means that there’s no need for any cumbersome type declarations.

. . . → Read More: Groovy 2.0 uses Flow Typing!