A Problem of Decoupling?

Recently, I’ve been working on improving the core framework that underpins the Whiley compiler.  This provides a platform for reading/writing files of specified content in a structured fashion.  Like Java, Whiley provides a hierarchical namespace in which names live and can be imported by others.  Let’s consider a simple example:

package zlib.core import Console . . . → Read More: A Problem of Decoupling?

Writing a PNG Decoder in Whiley!

Over the last few days, I have been writing GIF and PNG decoders in Whiley.  These form part of an image manipulation benchmark which I’m planning to use for experimenting with the compiler.  The PNG decoder, in particular, was rather interesting.  My implementation is based directly off the PNG Specification, ISO/IEC 15948:2003 (E). The PNG . . . → Read More: Writing a PNG Decoder in Whiley!

Design of the Whiley Compiler (Wyc) Front-End

Designing the front-end of the Whiley Compiler (Wyc) is a somewhat delicate and complicated issue.  I have iterated on this a few times, and still not found a solution I’m happy with.  It’s important, because it ultimately determines what is possible in terms of language syntax and what is not.  That is, when certain . . . → Read More: Design of the Whiley Compiler (Wyc) Front-End