Merchants of Doubt

I’ve just finished reading this book, which I have to say was really good.  The book is about how a handful of rogue scientists deliberately spread disinformation on a range of key issues, including tobacco, acid rain, the ozone hole and climate change.  Their key strategy was to argue the science . . . → Read More: Merchants of Doubt

Whiley Talk at Wellington JUG (VIDEO)

Last month, the Wellington Java User Group was kind enough to invite me to give a talk on Whiley.  The talk is a general introduction to Whiley, including the syntax, some issues related to implementation and inter-operation with Java.  The talk was video and, finally, after some faffing around I’ve uploaded it onto YouTube . . . → Read More: Whiley Talk at Wellington JUG (VIDEO)

Efficient Value Semantics for Whiley

The latest release of the Whiley compiler (v0.3.12) includes an optimisation for passing compound structures (e.g. lists, sets and records) by value.  This is really important because all compound structures in Whiley have value semantics, meaning they are always passed by value.  In fact, Whiley does not support references or pointers as found in . . . → Read More: Efficient Value Semantics for Whiley

Final should be Default for Classes in Java

We were having an interesting discussion the other day, and the issue of final classes came up.  For some reason, it suddenly occurred to me that all classes should be final by default. That is, classes should be implicitly final, rather than requiring an explicit declaration.  For example, the following should be considered invalid . . . → Read More: Final should be Default for Classes in Java

Whiley v0.3.12 Released!

Well, crikey, what a long time since the last release.  Things haven’t changed a whole lot, apart from various bug fixes.  Probably the most interesting update is the inclusion of reference counting of compound structures to enable in-place updates and prevent unnecessary cloning.  This leads to some nice performance improvements.  Quite a bit of . . . → Read More: Whiley v0.3.12 Released!