Whiley v0.3.10 Released!

Well, it’s been a tough slog.  But, finally, we have a new release of Whiley!!  The main thing that’s improved over the past few weeks is the underlying type implementation.  This was causing problems before, as programs which should type-check were failing and vice-versa.  To resolve this, the type system has been reimplemented from . . . → Read More: Whiley v0.3.10 Released!

The Whiley Automata Library (WYAUTL)

As part of the upcoming v0.3.10 release of Whiley, I’ve invested considerable effort reimplementing the type system.  This was necessary because, whilst my old implementation generally worked, writing larger programs exposed a lot of issues.  The most interesting aspect of this process is the development of a general-purpose library for representing and manipulating tree . . . → Read More: The Whiley Automata Library (WYAUTL)

Namespaces in Whiley

With the upcoming v0.3.10 release of Whiley, the way import statements are interpreted has changed in a fairly significant manner.  The primary purpose of this is to give better support for [[Namespace (computer science)|namespaces]]. The following illustrates what’s changed:

import whiley.lang.Math bool check(int x, int y): return max(x,y) == x

Previously, the above code . . . → Read More: Namespaces in Whiley