A Subtyping Gotcha

An interesting issue with the following piece of code has recently come to my attention:

define Queue as process { [int] items }

int Queue::get():
    item = this.items[0]
    this.items = this.items[1..]
    return item

void Queue::put(int item):
    this.items = this.items + [item]

Queue ::Queue():
    // following line should be invalid
    return spawn { items: [] }

The problem is that this code should not compile.  More specifically, the constructor ::Queue should generate a syntax error.

The reason for this is that we cannot safely subtype processes.  To see why, consider the following (artificial) example:

define MyProc as process { [int] field }
define BrokenProc as process { [int]|int field }

BrokenProc ident(MyProc mp):
    return mp // should not be allowed

void ::breakIt(MyProc mp):
    bp = ident(mp)
    bp.field = 1 // uh oh

[int] ::broken(MyProc mp):
    return mp.field // should be ok, but isn't...

The problem here arises from aliasing.  That is, since both mp and bp refer to the same process and, hence, assigning to bp.field corrupts the type of mp.field. To resolve the above problem we require that MyProc is not a subtype of BrokenProc.  In other words, no subtyping between process types should allowed.

This issue may seem fairly innocuous since we easily can “fix” it by preventing subtyping between processes.  Unfortunately, does this means spawn {field: []} is not a subtype of MyProc either, since it has type process {[void] field}. In other words, we cannot initialise a process field with an empty list!  There are some well-known ways in which we might get around this.  In particular, if we have a unique reference to a process, then subtyping is safe.  Looking at the ::Queue constructor again, we actually do have a unique reference since we just spawned it!

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