Field Resolution in Whiley

An interesting issue has arisen as a result of my recent decision to move away from a declared-type model.  The issue is essentially about [[Scope (programming)|scope resolution]] of fields and local variables.   For example, consider the following:

define MyProc as process { int f }

void MyProc::m(int x):
    f = x

Now, m(int) is a method acting on a process of type MyProc.  Thus, the special variable this has type MyProc (much like it would in [[Java]]).  So, the question is: does the assignment f = x create a new local variable, or update field f in the process referred to by this?  In Java, this problem wouldn’t arise since we would have to have declared variable f, in order for it to be treated as a local.

There are a few different ways this could be resolved:

  1. We always default to a field if one of the given name exists.
  2. We always default to a local variable if one of the given name exists, and always for assignments.

The problem with (1) is that it means a later change to the fields of some type may affect the meaning of methods declared elsewhere in subtle, and hard-to-track ways.  This is because we might add a new field to some existing type, and that field now clashes with what was a local variable in some method (which, following (1), would now refer to the new field).  For this reason, I prefer option (2).  Thus, in the above example, the assignment creates a new local variable which will subsequently be the default scope for variables named f.

If we want to update the field f in the process referred to by this, we need to be explicit:

define MyProc as process { int f }

void MyProc::m(int x):
    this.f = x

Thus, only in the case that a matching local variable does not exist will the system infer that a variable is, in fact, a field access.  The following example illustrates:

void System::main([string] args):
    out.println("Hello World")

Here, out does not correspond to a local variable and, since System is a process type with a field out, it is automatically expanded to the following:

void System::main([string] args):
    this.out.println("Hello World")

Anyway, this seems to be the best way to resolve this particular issue … I guess time will tell!

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