Beautiful Code … ?

Recently, I’ve been reading “Beautiful Code” (edited by Andy Oram & Greg Wilson). This is a collection of short papers by academics and professional  software developers which explores the idea of beauty in software:

Beautiful Code!

I was looking forward to this, partly because we’ve just started a new course . . . → Read More: Beautiful Code … ?

Short Whiley Demo [VIDEO]

I’ve put together a little demonstration of the Whiley language in use. The demo only covers the basic idea of Whiley and, in particular, demonstrates how the pre- and post-conditions work:

Anyway, this was a bit of fun for a Saturday afternoon. Turns out making videos is harder than I thought . . . → Read More: Short Whiley Demo [VIDEO]

The X10 Programming Language

X10 is an interesting and relatively new language from IBM being developed as part of [[DARPA]]’s High Productivity Computing Systems program.  X10 is designed for high-performance parallel programming using a [[partitioned global address space]] model.  To my mind, I see X10 as being a modern [[Fortran]] … but perhaps that’s a bit disingenuous.  Anyway, . . . → Read More: The X10 Programming Language

Infamous Software Failures in New Zealand

I’ve been writing a grant application recently, and wanted to list some example software failures that occurred in New Zealand.  Here’s what I found:

In 2012, the role out of the new Novopay system for handling the teachers salary payrole caused numerous and ongoing problems. At this stage, it remains somewhat unclear what exactly . . . → Read More: Infamous Software Failures in New Zealand