Kiwi Language Creator Acknowledged!

The Dom Post ran a short article over the weekend on kiwi Ross Ihaka, about the R programming language which he created along with Robert Gentleman at the University of Auckland.  The R programming language is used by numerous companies across the world, primarily for performing statistical calculations.  Here’s the article:

Dominion Post Article on Ross Ihaka

As you can tell from the article, the R language is released under an open source license (in fact, its the GNU General Public License) and given away for free.  Ross says in the article that “if we had charged for it, it wouldn’t have been so popular”.  Probably, if they had charged for it from the outset, everybody would using something else right now.  That’s how it goes with programming languages…

Anyway, it’s great to see a Kiwi programming language designer being acknowledged in the press, as this is pretty unusual!!!

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